Finding the Perfect Used Cars for Sale

Finding the Perfect Used Cars for Sale

Used Cars for Sale – How to find the best deals

The summer between sophomore and junior year of college, I decided that going back to college in the fall would be unbearable if I didn’t have a car. First of all, a bunch of my friends had asked me to get an apartment off campus with them so I wouldn’t be as close to my classes as I was when I lived in the dorms. Secondly, I wanted to try to get an internship and I wasn’t going to be able to get there without a car. Bus service was okay, but the schedules didn’t match up well. I’d have to get there super early and leave late and it just wasn’t going to work out well with the timing.

Anyway, looking into used cars was the first step. I had no idea what I was looking for so after about 4 used car dealerships with no luck, I figured I should sit down and think about that. I had this idea that something was just going to catch my eye and it’d be like “OMG I have to have that car!” But that’s a bit impractical, I admit. To be fair, though, that’s how I approach most things in life.

There were so many used cars for sale in my area, I had to really think about it to figure out what I wanted. In the end, I want something that was about 5 years old and had some sort of certified pre-owned thing from the dealer that they do for used cars. When I thought about it, that was actually the most important thing. I needed to feel like I was going to get some sort of guarantee so I wasn’t taken advantage of.

Once I knew that, the ottawa car dealerships I wanted to visit were narrowed down a bit. I used a dealership finder website to compare dealerships; if you’re interested. I decided the make of car I wanted then picked two models that I was looking for. Once I figured out all that, I had a much better time. I was less overwhelmed because I knew exactly what I was looking for.

And guess what!? I got exactly what I wanted, a Toyota Camry 2018! Well, almost. I wanted blue but had to settle for red, which I actually ended up loving anyway. When I went back to school junior year, things were so much better. I landed an awesome internship and the apartment is so much better than the dorm.

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