Who has the cheapest car insurance? I got to find out :(

Who has the cheapest car insurance? I got to find out :(

This is a blog post by my Daughter, enjoy!

My mom made me a deal that she’d give me a half of the money for the car I wanted if I paid for the insurance. She’s good like that, I guess, tries to help me out when I help myself. Man, did I need a car before I went back to school. Freshman year sucked without one, I hated having to depend on everyone for rides and the buses weren’t very reliable.

Anyway, I worked two jobs all summer to save up enough money to buy something. And it was cool because whatever I had, I knew my mom would give me the same amount so it was really, like, twice as much. I was going to be able to get a much nicer car than I originally planned.

We went to check out the red hatchback that I’d found online. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted. Enough legroom and a lot of room in the back for all my soccer gear. It’d be able to hold a bike rack without a problem, too. I knew instantly that I found the car I’d been looking for and couldn’t wait to go check it out.

It was a fair price, low mileage, and came with a warranty so it was a pretty good deal. I had no idea about insurance, how to get it, what I needed. My mom offered to help, telling me that who has the cheapest car insurance is an important thing to consider because then you’ll be able to get a better policy for the same amount you’d pay somewhere else. I’d worked hard for this car and wanted the best insurance possible.

She helped me find a really good deal on some cheap full coverage auto insurance then we went back to the dealer and bought the car ( we got the insurance here: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/. I was able to pay for most of it that day and only had to finance about a grand. My mom even told me that she’d help me with the payments if I had trouble coming up with the money when classes started again.

It wasn’t a problem, though, I found a part-time job in town that I never would have been able to get to without my car. I’ve been able to make the insurance payments and my small car payment without a problem since I got back. Luckily, I haven’t had any problems, but it’s nice to know that my insurance coverage is pretty decent if I do.

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