Finding Private Schools

Finding Private Schools

Welcome to my website. My name is John Correrto. I help parents find the optimal private school for their children.

I’ decided to create this website to share tips about what to look for when on the lookout for a private school. A lot of parents don’t realize whats really important; hint it’s not how nice the building looks!

The most important thing isn’t even the teachers, it’s the management. A poorly managed school can be less effectively than a public school.

That’s why I made this blog to help educate parents. If you’re a parent looking for a private school and need help deciding you can contact me for help (For a small fee).

Other than that, I made this blog to share stuff from my life. So it’s not all work!

Finding the Perfect Used Cars for Sale

Finding the Perfect Used Cars for Sale

Used Cars for Sale – How to find the best deals

The summer between sophomore and junior year of college, I decided that going back to college in the fall would be unbearable if I didn’t have a car. First of all, a bunch of my friends had asked me to get an apartment off campus with them so I wouldn’t be as close to my classes as I was when I lived in the dorms. Secondly, I wanted to try to get an internship and I wasn’t going to be able to get there without a car. Bus service was okay, but the schedules didn’t match up well. I’d have to get there super early and leave late and it just wasn’t going to work out well with the timing.

Anyway, looking into used cars was the first step. I had no idea what I was looking for so after about 4 used car dealerships with no luck, I figured I should sit down and think about that. I had this idea that something was just going to catch my eye and it’d be like “OMG I have to have that car!” But that’s a bit impractical, I admit. To be fair, though, that’s how I approach most things in life.

There were so many used cars for sale in my area, I had to really think about it to figure out what I wanted. In the end, I want something that was about 5 years old and had some sort of certified pre-owned thing from the dealer that they do for used cars. When I thought about it, that was actually the most important thing. I needed to feel like I was going to get some sort of guarantee so I wasn’t taken advantage of.

Once I knew that, the ottawa car dealerships I wanted to visit were narrowed down a bit. I used a dealership finder website to compare dealerships; https://www.carcanuck.ca/ if you’re interested. I decided the make of car I wanted then picked two models that I was looking for. Once I figured out all that, I had a much better time. I was less overwhelmed because I knew exactly what I was looking for.

And guess what!? I got exactly what I wanted, a Toyota Camry 2018! Well, almost. I wanted blue but had to settle for red, which I actually ended up loving anyway. When I went back to school junior year, things were so much better. I landed an awesome internship and the apartment is so much better than the dorm.

Choosing From The Hundreds of Electricians In Tulsa

Choosing From The Hundreds of Electricians In Tulsa

How does anyone choose the best of the best anymore? How does anyone truly know which electricians to hire and which ones are best left alone?

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of electrician companies in Tulsa to choose from. From small independent contractors to huge conglomerates that can supply the whole world. You’d think that that would be a good thing. That more choices is always good, but I’ve recently realised that it is not.

I’m an indecisive person. I’m not the kind of guy who can make snap decisions and stick with them regardless. I can make snap decisions but I just as easily change my mind minutes, or even seconds, later.

The other day I went to the mall to grab a few things and decided that I would have lunch there. It literally took me over an hour to decide where to eat and even when I finally did pick a restaurant, I couldn’t help but think that I should’ve eaten somewhere else. The grass is always greener on the other side.

I don’t think this kind of indecisiveness is that bad when it comes to minute choices like where to eat lunch, but it can be tough when choosing a tradesmen, like electricians Tulsa.

Years ago, I bought a hot tub. Probably my only impulse buy I’ve ever made in my adult life. I made another rare quick decision and hired an electrician without any real research. Years later, that hot tub is still sitting there. It’s never been used because it doesn’t work. That electrician was awful at his job and didn’t set it up properly. So there it sits unused and I’ve been reluctant to make rash decisions ever since.

But recently, I feel more and more like that hot tub is wasted out there and I want to finally get it set up. The problem is, Tulsa is a big city and therefore, there are tons of Tulsa electricians. But I’ve learnt my lesson from before by hiring randoms so this time I’m going to really do my research and work out who’s the best, even if it takes me years.

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit : Dollar for Dollar

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit : Dollar for Dollar

How finding cheap no deposit car insurance helped me

I was getting really frustrated trying to save up for a car. Between school and soccer, I didn’t have that much time to work. But I really needed a car.

Quitting soccer was not an option because I got into college on a scholarship and there was no way I was giving that up. I started complaining to my mom and dad about it just because I was so frustrated. I mean, I really wanted to work. But I also knew I had to keep up with soccer and my school work. Like, nothing could wait. Everything had to be a priority. Which meant that working and buying my car couldn’t be.

My parents made me a deal at the end of last school year. They said they’d match whatever money I was able to save over the summer, which was pretty sweet, actually. I felt a lot better after that and worked as much as I could while I had the chance. It was so much nicer knowing that I was essentially working for twice my hourly rate since my parents were matching everything I saved.

I barely spent any money all summer. I mean, I went out with my work friends at the end of our shift and split pizzas and played video games in the arcade on weekends. But I was generally really careful. And right before school started, I told my mom and dad what I’d managed to save. They stayed true to their word and matched me, dollar for dollar.

Finding cheap car insurance no deposit

When we went to buy my car, there were a lot of decisions I didn’t expect to have to make. Like, I knew I was going to have to get insurance. But I didn’t know is very cheap car insurance with no deposit was a thing ( Later learned that it was: http://www.cheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/ also a good website: http://verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.net/). I didn’t have any credit history. I wasn’t sure how this was all going to work.

I wanted to pay for my car in cash but decided instead to use it as a down payment and finance what was left. It wasn’t actually that much money I was borrowing. Plus, it helped me build my credit and let me get a car that was a little newer and wouldn’t need major repairs as soon as some of the cheaper models.

I worked hard for that car. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my mom and dad. They really came through for me, helping me get a great car while still encouraging me to work hard. So basically I got really lucky because my parents were awesome! I also got really lucky finding a great deal on auto insurance; especially on very cheap car insurance no deposit.

Who has the cheapest car insurance? I got to find out :(

Who has the cheapest car insurance? I got to find out :(

This is a blog post by my Daughter, enjoy!

My mom made me a deal that she’d give me a half of the money for the car I wanted if I paid for the insurance. She’s good like that, I guess, tries to help me out when I help myself. Man, did I need a car before I went back to school. Freshman year sucked without one, I hated having to depend on everyone for rides and the buses weren’t very reliable.

Anyway, I worked two jobs all summer to save up enough money to buy something. And it was cool because whatever I had, I knew my mom would give me the same amount so it was really, like, twice as much. I was going to be able to get a much nicer car than I originally planned.

We went to check out the red hatchback that I’d found online. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted. Enough legroom and a lot of room in the back for all my soccer gear. It’d be able to hold a bike rack without a problem, too. I knew instantly that I found the car I’d been looking for and couldn’t wait to go check it out.

It was a fair price, low mileage, and came with a warranty so it was a pretty good deal. I had no idea about insurance, how to get it, what I needed. My mom offered to help, telling me that who has the cheapest car insurance is an important thing to consider because then you’ll be able to get a better policy for the same amount you’d pay somewhere else. I’d worked hard for this car and wanted the best insurance possible.

She helped me find a really good deal on some cheap full coverage auto insurance then we went back to the dealer and bought the car ( we got the insurance here: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/. I was able to pay for most of it that day and only had to finance about a grand. My mom even told me that she’d help me with the payments if I had trouble coming up with the money when classes started again.

It wasn’t a problem, though, I found a part-time job in town that I never would have been able to get to without my car. I’ve been able to make the insurance payments and my small car payment without a problem since I got back. Luckily, I haven’t had any problems, but it’s nice to know that my insurance coverage is pretty decent if I do.